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Why SPC will become the leading product in the next 2 to 3 years?

As the recent work report of the Chinese government emphasized important issues such as promoting the basic stability of foreign trade, improving international freight capacity, and advancing a new round of service trade innovation and development pilots, after the epidemic was brought under control, China, as the world’s production center, guaranteed exports. Commodity supply and exports have been greatly increased. At the same time, the gradual improvement in the overseas epidemic situation also brings good news. Many countries have begun to formulate plans to restore normal economies and lives as soon as possible. Spain, Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Czech Republic and other countries have successively stated that they will relax their response to the new crown epidemic. And the closure measures taken.

“In the next two to three years, SPC Flooring will become the leading product!”

Established in early 2003, Protex Flooring is a modern technology-based enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of environmentally friendly composite flooring. At present, the advanced flexible flooring produced by Protex Flooring covers products in LVT, WPC, SPC and other categories. North America, Europe and other countries and regions are the main markets of Protex Flooring.

From 2016, Protex paid attention to SPC flooring, and started to produce SPC flooring in March 2017. The SPC series products they produce have stable quality and better performance than most products in the industry, and have been highly recognized by customers.

Where is the superior performance of SPC flooring? What is the market prospect of SPC? Protex Flooring CEO David Hsu have had discussed with us about SPC Flooring.

SPC Flooring Breakthrough in traditional flooring

David thought SPC has the advantages of PVC flooring-renewable, zero formaldehyde, environmentally friendly, durable and non-slip. Compared with traditional PVC flooring such as LVT and WPC, SPC flooring has greatly improved dimensional stability, which is a breakthrough for PVC flooring.

In addition, the production process of SPC flooring is also a big breakthrough to traditional flooring.

David introduced us carefully the composition of the SPC floor. “One type of SPC floor is made through a molding process. The wear-resistant layer, the printed color film layer, and the LVT material are sequentially pressed on the high-end vinyl sheet through a mold. The wear-resistant layer on the surface is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant; printing Color film layer, personalized pattern, with wood grain, stone grain, carpet grain, etc.; high-end vinyl sheet is made of calcium carbonate and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). In order to prevent ultraviolet rays, the SPC Flooring is wear-resistant There is also a UV coating on the surface of the layer.

Another type of SPC Flooring is made through an online composite process, which is made up of wear-resistant layer, printed color film layer and high-end vinyl sheet continuously on-line composite. The process is simple and the labor cost is also reduced. “SPC cost-effective advantage is more obvious.” David said.

Compared with ceramic tiles, wood floors, etc., convenient paving has also become a major advantage of SPC Flooring. At present, the SPC floor on the market basically has its own locking function. As long as the ground is flat, the SPC floor is glue-free and nail-free, and can be laid directly on the ground, which is easy to disassemble and reusable. According to the staff of Walrus, each time you go to the exhibition to decorate the venue, you can manually install the SPC floor by yourself. “A floor of twenty to thirty square meters can be installed in a few hours.”


Will become the dominant product in the next two or three years

In recent years, in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, SPC has gradually covered hotels, hospitals, schools, commercial office buildings and other fields in China by virtue of its major advantages such as environmental protection.

In David’s opinion, SPC is very affordable, has many patterns and colors, and has good stability. These advantages are very suitable for ordinary households. From the superior performance of SPC to the growth of customer orders, he is also convinced that in the next two to three years, SPC flooring will become the leading product in the flooring industry. “The room for market growth will be relatively large.”


Strengthen industry self-discipline and market supervision

SPC Flooring has an outstanding performance in the domestic and foreign markets, and it has also developed rapidly in China. Manufacturers of all sizes have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. However, SPC Flooring does not have a complete standard system, and the formulation of a unified industry standard has become an urgent need.

In 2018, the SPC Flooring Branch of China Forest Products Industry Association was established. In March 2019, the Stone-WPC Branch issued the group standard of “Stone-WPC Flooring”, the purpose is to regulate the market behavior of stone-wood-plastic flooring, improve product quality and promote healthy competition in the industry. This group standard has received unanimous support from Protex Flooring and other vendors.

In the domestic market, manufacturers are mixed together, the products produced are of mixed quality, and the pricing is chaotic, which can easily give consumers a bad impression. David also hopes that market supervision departments can strengthen supervision and effectively improve market chaos.


In recent years, Protex Flooring has been keeping up with the trend and pursuing high quality as always.

Protex combines the abrasion resistance of laminate flooring with the water resistance of SPC flooring and named it MSPC flooring. David believes that MSPC not only makes up for the wear resistance of SPC as a floor material, but also has a more realistic pattern of stone-grained and high-gloss patterns, which can be used as SPC wall panels, which are more convenient to install than ceramic tiles, and are cheaper.

Protex insists on improving SPC performance and innovating designs. After years of working in overseas markets, SPC flooring produced by Protex has gradually become popular in the European and American markets, from tooling to home improvement. In the future, they will continue to explore more possibilities of SPC flooring.


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