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Is SPC Flooring Made In China Safe?

spc flooring china

When it comes to flooring, there are plenty of options. From plush carpet and ultra modern tile to sleek hardwood or vinyl, one can customize the look of their home from the ground up.

And while material, colour and installation are important factors to take into consideration, the origins of the product (whether it is from a local or overseas manufacturer) is certainly worth pausing over. This especially rings true for those who want their flooring to last for the long haul. Aside from longevity, the health of one’s family and the environment at large also come into play.

Since 2015, due to the exposure of some quality problems, China suppliers’ sales of laminate flooring in the European and American markets plummeted. Flooring factories had to actively reverse the bad impression. It coincided with this period when SPC stone-plastic flooring suddenly turned overtaking and became popular in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea.

What is SPC flooring

The abbreviation of Stone Plastic Composites, stone + plastic / plastic (strictly speaking, PVC and plastic / plastic are not the same, but everyone calls it that) composite artificial floor.SPC flooring is mainly composed of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer mixed in a certain proportion to form a composite floor material. It is a new material invented in response to national emission reduction, hard SPC indoor floor. SPC flooring uses calcium powder as the main raw material, plasticized extruded sheet, four-roll calendering hot-laid color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer, does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde and harmful substances, is 100% formaldehyde-free environmental protection floor, it is genuine the zero formaldehyde flooring.

Chinese flooring factories began to do SPC research and development around 2013. In a short period of time, SPC stone plastic flooring ,also called Rigid Vinyl Plank (RVP) in Europe, North America, Japan, South Korea and other countries has been taken over by Chinese factories for more than half.

Search SPC/RVP on Google, China supplier is full of eyes

How To Choose SPC Flooring Supplier

You’d better choose a China factory with rich experience in export

The world’s best SPC flooring brands are basically made in China, like the first-class Armstrong Flooring, which has been producing commercial PVC flooring for many years, more than half are produced in China.

So this thing, “Made in USA” is nothing more than hanging an American brand, looking high-end, and letting you spend more money.

Attention: Select new materials, not recycle materials

SPC flooring is divided into three kinds of raw materials for production: new materials, mixed old materials, and recycled materials.

In terms of environmental protection, it is the use of brand-new materials. If the raw materials are not good enough, the floor produced will definitely not meet the standard.

When it comes to environmental protection, environmental protection can be divided into two ways: good for the human body and good for the environment. SPC flooring performs well.

As mentioned above, the stone is extruded, and the plastic part is made by hot pressing, roller coating and other processes. No glue and paint are used in the whole process, and no formaldehyde is involved. This is passed.

The only part that may pollute is the recycling of base materials-recyclability is a major contribution of spc vinyl flooring to the environment, but the disposal of recycled materials is a difficult point. Many companies use recycled materials with heavy metal content exceeding the standard, which is risky.

If you want to purchase spc flooring, you must choose virgin materials. Virgin materials/ recycled materials cannot be seen by the naked eye, so you need to see the relevant test reports/certifications.

As for the safety of PVC materials, the surface materials of drainage pipes and electric wires in Chinese houses since 2000, as well as the plastic steel doors and windows that are popular all over the world, are all PVC material products.

Qualified and compliant PVC products can be used with confidence. Moreover, China’s PVC production is very mature, and it has been transferred from import to export very early. The main production areas are concentrated in South and East China, which overlaps with the SPC floor production area, and it is also a kind of industrial cluster.

In summary, China’s SPC vinyl flooring has mature technical support. And as long as it is made of new materials, it can achieve 100% health, environmental protection and safety.


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