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Suspended paving-the best solution for floor paving

Flooring is becoming more and more recognized by people, and it has gradually become a main material for home decoration. The three forms of suspension, keel and full glue paving have become the mainstream in the industry, and the three different paving methods have different requirements for the ground and the environment. Today, I will mainly talk about what is floating shop?

What is a floating flooring?

Suspended paving, as the name implies, is suspended, that is, the floor is laid directly on the ground after laying a layer of moisture-proof mat, without nails, without glue, relying on the force of the earth, and laying flat on the horizontal mat. Compared with keel paving and full glue paving, it significantly saves paving time and paving cost; with the maturity and popularity of floor locking technology, the suspended paving floor is detachable, installable, and portable. , Exchangeable functions.

Suspended paving process

Suspended paving is suitable for laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, cork composite flooring, etc.

Tips: Before installation, it is recommended to do self-leveling in advance to ensure the flatness of the ground. If the ground is originally flat, self-leveling can be omitted to save costs;

1.Preparation before paving

🔹 Thoroughly clean the ground to ensure that there is no sand, no floating soil, no obvious protrusions and construction waste on the ground.

🔹Measure the moisture content of the ground. Generally, the moisture content should not exceed 20%. If geothermal heating is used, the moisture content should not exceed 10%, otherwise the floor will not reach the standard after laying.

🔹The wall should be perpendicular to the ground. The inner wall should be flat at a distance of 200mm from the ground. Use a 2m ruler to check the flatness of the wall. The maximum chord height should be less than or equal to 3mm.

🔹In areas with large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, the floor should be placed at the paving site for 24 hours before unpacking and paving.

2. Floor mat laying

Floor mats must be laid flat and non-overlapping to cover the entire laying ground, and the joints should be glued tightly with adhesive tape. Moisture-proof film can be laid under the floor mat, the width of the joint should overlap by more than 100mm, and the tape should be tightly bonded, and the corners of the wall should be turned over or equal to 50mm.

3. when paving the floor

🔹A certain thickness of wooden wedges should be added between the floor and the wall and ground fixtures to keep a distance of 8mm~12mm from the floor.

🔹When staggered paving is adopted, the gap between two adjacent rows of floor joints in the length direction should be greater than or equal to 200mm.

Moisture-proof mat

🔹When laying the floor, the long side direction should be consistent with the indoor light. When the length or width of the floor paving is greater than or equal to 8m, the expansion joints should be partitioned at appropriate positions and transitioned with battens.

🔹The joint between the floor and other ground materials should be partitioned (gap 8mm~12mm), and the user’s approval should be obtained.

🔹When installing the skirting line, the wooden wedges should be taken out before installation.

4. after the paving is completed

Completely clean the construction site, and comprehensively inspect the quality of the floor paving, and only after confirming that there are no paving defects, can the user be required to sign on the paving acceptance form for confirmation.

Advantages and disadvantages of floating shop


No glue, no pollution, environmental protection

Do not use glue to fix the wooden floor on the ground, so there is no need to worry about indoor pollution caused by the formaldehyde and other ingredients contained in the glue;

The laying process is simple and fast, saving costs

Because the wooden floor is suspended on the ground and spliced ​​together, it is easy to repair and replace when the wooden floor is separated from the seam or partially damaged accidentally; after moving or accidentally soaking the floor, the intact wooden floor can still be used for secondary paving , Very cost-saving.


Insufficient reserved gap appears to be cracked

The solid wood floor suspension paving can prevent the floor from being cracked due to insufficient reserved gaps.

High humidity produces noise

Under the condition of large fluctuations in air humidity, the floor needs to be repaired repeatedly, and it is easy to produce noise during use. Therefore, when suspended paving is used in areas with large humidity fluctuations, it is recommended to apply glue at the grooves and grooves of the floor.


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