What Is MSPC Flooring?


MSPC: Also known as SPC melamine flooring tiles.

We use melamine paper as the top layer instead of film paper, which has the same decoration as laminate flooring. Here we call it MVT, Melamine Vinyl Tiles

MSPC (MVT) is more scratch resistant than traditional laminate flooring:

First of all, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are completely different properties.

By anti-scratch, we mean its ability to resist unrecoverable scratches. Wear resistance refers to the performance of its wear layer. The thicker the floor of the wear-resistant layer, the more wear-resistant.

If you know about laminate flooring, it is easy to find why MVT is more anti scratches. The following table can give you a better understanding:

Why price is higher than rigid vinyl plank (SPC) ?

1. Raw material of melamine paper cost is high. The price of decorative paper is more expensive than color film.

2. It is also a new product of our manufacturer, with a high defect rate. We spent a lot of research costs

3. SPC Flooring is mostly produced automatically, while MSPC Floorng is completely hot-pressed by workers board by board.

4. It should be compared to floor tiles, ceramic tiles, not floors.


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