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Who Sells SPC Flooring?

We have to talk about SPC flooring brand first.

Recognizing big brands and big manufacturers is a common way to purchase building materials and home improvement products, but SPC flooring is a bit special: we don’t know what big brands are.

In China, most of the big factories are doing foreign trade, and the top ten exporting factories, like Huali and Novalis, they don’t even do the business of engineering companies…

Almost all of the small scale factories found on the Internet followed the trend and did not make products with intentions, but only invested in advertising and marketing, what’s more the after-sales service was very poor.

It can be said that the quality of SPC flooring is the highest in the world, but China has not really built a “famous brand”.

So, let’s talk about the more popular and available brands.

Lamett Flooring

The brand itself is very famous. It is an international big brand. It is positioned in the middle and high end, and the price is high. It is mainly based on reinforced laminates. It has been making stone plastic floors in 16 years.

This piece of SPC floor is all OEM production in Zhejiang, China, and the “international brand” is only to improve the positioning.

Lamett SPC flooring has many series and colors, and the patterns are well done. Good patterns are not just beautiful.

The pattern color film is the third layer of the 5 layers. Using hot pressing technology, if the pattern and gloss are not good, it directly means that the hot pressing process is not good and the quality is not good.

However, the bottom gasket of his family is cork, which makes the foot feel better, but the waterproofness is greatly reduced.

Armstrong Flooring

International first-line brands, American brands, especially large, mainly for commercial use, mostly coiled materials and special performance floors. Many stores, hospitals, gymnasiums, and kindergartens will use Armstrong’s plastic floors.

The stone-plastic floor of his house is full of colors and realistic wood grain:

There are also some imitation stone patterns:

Because the main business is used, there are many sizes and specifications to choose from.

Protex Flooring

Protex is a pure local brand in China. It is exported all the year round. The second largest building materials market in the United States is the partner of Proex’s export, and it is also a supplier recognized by many engineering companies.

In terms of SPC stone-plastic flooring, Protex can be regarded as a veteran. It has been researching and developing since 2013. In terms of technology, it is leading domestically. In this line, the domestic leading is the global leading. They were selling before the “breakout point” in 15 years.

His material selection standards and production line scale can be ranked in the top ten, and the lock and slotting equipment is the German Holmag line.

Protex has a wide variety of spc stone plastic designs and colors. Currently, the main EIR style is more high-grade in texture. Whether it is for commercial use or home use, it can improve the sense of quality.

Protex’s design team is in the Netherlands, the factory and after-sales team are in China, and the service and after-sales are more guaranteed. It is expected to start production in Mexico in 2022, which will further expand its influence in the North American market.

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The end of the article concludes

SPC flooring brand purchase tips:

  1. Spending money for “Made in America” ​​is an IQ tax, and big American brands are also products made in China.
  2. Don’t buy any flooring on Amazon. You can’t find anything by shopping online. Identify the brand first and then find the brand channel.
  3. Pay attention to the inspection report of the base material. The new material and the recycled material cannot be distinguished with the naked eye.
  4. Remember to take a small sample, look at the glossy pattern on the surface, break the lock, and look at the flatness after the spelling
  5. The wear resistance and anti-skid coefficient are different from what you think. It is more reliable to try a small sample yourself.
  6. Pavement does not have to be self-leveling, but there are requirements for the floor


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