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The impact of PVC price changes on the price of SPC flooring

This week, the start-up load of PVC manufacturers was 81.5%, an increase of 1 percentage point from last week. The international crude oil price remains high, pushing up the overall energy cost, the calcium carbide method PVC is more profitable, and there is still room for improvement in PVC construction.

Affected by the epidemic, the start-up of PVC downstream products companies has declined, and the enthusiasm for purchasing raw materials is relatively limited. PVC prices first rose and then fell, and high-priced transactions were weak. Overseas prices are firm, the export window remains open, and companies are tepid in receiving orders.

Changes in PVC prices will push up the production cost of SPC flooring products, which will have a certain impact on the company’s product costs and profits. Company profits are also affected by various factors such as exchange rate fluctuations and supply and demand.

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