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Is SPC Flooring The Same As LVP Flooring?

Whilst deciding on a ground material, we have quite a few unique alternatives in front folks, carpet, tile, timber floor, and so on., however we additionally have many alternatives at present. The 2 maximum popular alternative materials on the market are LVP and SPC. What is the distinction among them? I’m able to give you some pointers.

What are LVP and SPC?

LVP is made of a compressed layer of vinyl overlaid with a excessive-resolution photograph that makes the vinyl look like almost any other material, including stone, tile, and so on. LVP has numerous layers, but the fundamental one is its vinyl center, which makes the plank both durable and flexible.

Similar to SPC, it includes excessive-decision pictures, overlaid on vinyl and covered with a clean abrasion-resistant layer to protect flooring from scratches, stains, fading, and greater. But, the middle fabric in SPC is mixed plastic and compressed limestone powder. This makes the plank tough and stiff in place of soft and bendy.

The two materials are comparable in lots of ways. They’re all water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and typically pretty long lasting. They’re smooth to install yourself with out the use of glue and solvents, and are easy to hold with ordinary sweeps to dispose of dirt and a brief mop to get rid of spills. And they may be all some distance much less luxurious than the materials they replace.


So, other than flexibility, what are the distinct traits of LVP and SPC flooring? The rigid structure of SPC offers it some advantages. Even as each can be mounted on almost any stable subfloor, LVP calls for its subfloor to be flawlessly level and free of any dents, obstructions, etc. The bendy fabric will take on the form of any imperfections, while the SPC will keep its own form regardless of the floor below it.

Also, SPC is more durable and may face up to dents and different harm. It’s going to ultimate longer and wear higher. The pressure of the SPC also permits it to offer extra support underfoot, even as the ability of the LVP makes it softer and greater comfy to walk on. SPC is likewise barely thicker than LVP, and it tends to appearance and experience more realistic.

Compared to LVP, SPC has many advantages, but it additionally has one downside. Its inflexible composite construction makes it more highly-priced than vinyl. Even as each are nonetheless fee-effective in comparison to timber, stone or tile, LVP may be a higher desire if you’re on a tight finances.

That is only a quick overview of the two flooring materials. Each technique has many different blessings and downsides, relying in your unique state of affairs. So which flooring cloth is proper for you? Speak to Protex flooring‘s experts who permit you to weigh the professionals and cons of SPC vs LVP and determine which one will fine meet your engineering desires and help your commercial enterprise grow for years to come.


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