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Step 1
Pre-install Activities
—Ensure that the width of first and last row is not less than 2 inches wide. Measure the distance of room in the direction of the width of the plank. Divide the distance by the width of the plank. Multiply the number beyond the decimal point of the by the width of the plank. This is the width of the last plank. If it is less than 2 inches, you must cut the first plank. Determine the width of the first and the last row by adding the calculated width of the last plank to the width of a whole plank. Divide this number by two. Subtract the expansion gap from the result. The result is the width of the first and last row.
—Rack up planks from several boxes.
—Ensure that end joints are staggered at least 12” between the rows.
—Inspect product for defects. If material is questionable, contact the retailer immediately. Do not proceed with installation

Step 2 

—Cut off the unsupported tongue of the first row so that a clean, solid edge is towards the wall. 

—If the first row of floor panels had already been trimmed in width to meet minimum requirement, there is no need to trim it again.

Step 3 

—Install the product from left to right, across the room. —Place the floor panel with the locking groove facing the room. —Ensure there is expansion gaps. Between floor and the wall and all vertical fixtures during installation. 

Step 4 

—Place the short side tongue of the next floor panel at an angle into the short side groove of the first one and fold down. 

—Continue with the next floor panels in the same way. 

Step 5 

—Place the final floor panel face up, locking groove long side towards the wall, and the short end tongue positioned 3/16 to 5/16 inch from the wall. 

—Mark the place where the floor panel is to be cut. 

—Make a cut in the floor panel on the decor side with a utility knife. Use the snap method to break the unneeded part off

Step 6 

—Stagger the end joints between rows at a minimum 12 inches. 

—If you can, use the cut piece of floor panel from the previous row. If not suitable, take a new floor panel and cut it in half. 

—Place the floor panel at a low angle and insert the long side tongue into the locking groove of the floor panel in the previous row. 

—Fold the floor panel gently down. 

Step 7 

—Place the short end tongue of the next floor panel at an angle against the previously installed floor panel and fold gently down. 

—Ensure that the long side tongue is positioned on the locking strip of the previous row. Step 8 

—Using gentle force and at an angle, you gradually, from left to right, push the long side tongue into the locking groove of the previous row. 

—You may need to lift the floor panel to the left of it slightly to allow for the ‘sliding action’. 

—Complete the whole row in the same way.


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