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Where to buy luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Okay, so obviously vinyl planks are the hottest flooring on the market right now. No really, they are. Many people are ripping up their carpet and putting down luxury vinyl planks for a lovely wood look in their home.

So where to buy vinyl plank flooring? Nowadays you can get a wood-look flooring without the expense and maintenance of actual hardwood. Let’s be honest, if you have a family, kids, and a pet, you don’t want hardwood. It’ll be roughed up in no time under all that stress. That’s where vinyl planks come in.

What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl Flooring Explained,also named Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT Flooring

There are so many types of vinyl plank flooring, that this question becomes a little difficult to answer. After all, you have peel and stick vinyl planks, rigid core, luxury vinyl planks, and waterproof vinyl planks.

These all share the commonality of vinyl, but they are comprised of varying amounts of layers and features. Like I said, it gets complicated.

But our factory produce luxury plank flooring with professional technology and with great features of click type, waterproof and wear resistant,and durable, can use it easily and install fast,

Any other needs, freely to contact Protex to get more favors. We are willing to cooperate with  distributors all over the world to develop business together locally.


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