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What certificates are required for the export of SPC flooring to Europe or the USA

Flooring is a indispensable building material for home decoration. Nowadays, PVC flooring is also favored by people. Its raw material is renewable polyvinyl chloride environmental protection material, which has the advantage of excellent decorative effect and is also the key point for global sales.

The following certificates are several certificates necessary for the export of flooring manufacturers/suppliers.

ISO 9001 quality certification

ISO9001 refers to a quality management system, ensuring the quality of product from development, design, production, installation and service. It has a complete set of requirements for quality assurance so as to ensure the quality of product.

ISO 14001 environment management system certification

ISO14001 refers to an environment management system, a system and measure for environment protection, and a set of regulations with consistency recognized in the globe. Based on it , various organizations around the world build, implement, supervise and improve their environment I management systems.

Floor Score: American indoor air emission standard certification

Floor Score is a leading independent certification in the globe : A third-party certification integrating SCS and RFCI. After strict test and certification, the floor tiles enable indoor air quality to comply with the emission standard.

CE EU safety certification

In EU market the mark of “CE” means a compulsory certification mark , all products produced by enterprises in EU or other countries must be marked with “CE” when circulated in EU market , so as to indicate that they meet the basic requirements of New Methods for Technical Coordination and Standardization of EU.

SGS Test Report

SGS international authoritative standard inspection organization

SGS certification means a compliance certification conducted by SGS to targets based on standard, regulations, customer requirements, etc. Inspection, detection, authentication, certification, etc. must be conducted before relevant certification.

DIBt approval

DIBt issues national technical approvals for construction products, general construction technique permits, European Technical Assessments and evaluations of compliance with regulatory requirements for construction works.

Compared with solid wood floors, PVC flooring are cheaper and more convenient to maintain later. Therefore, PVC flooring is mainly used in public places such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and business districts overseas, and the use base is very large.

Therefore, before the flooring manufacturers/suppliers export their products abroad, they need to find a third-party testing agency to certify these certificates.

This not only increases sales, but also proves brand value.


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