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What Are the Advantages of Vinyl Plank vs Laminate?

Now: let’s talk about differences. Both of these fake wood flooring types have advantages over each other, and these are the advantages of vinyl plank when compared to laminate.

Vinyl Plank is Often Waterproof; Laminate is Not

Because of its entirely synthetic construction, vinyl plank is often completely waterproof. If you want the look of a wood floor bathroom without all the hassle, vinyl is a great option.

Of course, water can seep into the seams of certain vinyl plank floors, and you should still try to clean up spills promptly to maintain long term viability—but vinyl won’t show water damage after a bit of soak time.

Again: Most Laminate Flooring Is Not Waterproof

Most laminate flooring is susceptible to water damage because of its HDF core. Laminate’s internal layers are known to expand when exposed to water, which can warp and mangle it. When it comes to the vinyl plank vs. laminate debate, that’s a big downside.

This means that laminate probably shouldn’t be placed anywhere you might find a lot of water. That being said, certain specialty laminate products like Mohawk’s RevWood now offer waterproof qualities as well.

Is Vinyl Plank Better than Laminate for Dogs and Other Pets? It Can Be!

Even though laminate and vinyl plank are both extremely scratch-resistant flooring choices, vinyl might be the better floor for pets. Why? Again, waterproofing! Water bowl spills, accidents, even drool—none of them can phase vinyl plank.

Laminate Can Go in Most Rooms but Vinyl Plank Can Go Anywhere

Sure, laminate can go in most rooms—but if you want a water-resistant wood flooring alternative that can go anywhere, vinyl plank is the way to go. Mudroom flooring? Sure! Heck, you can even use it as an outdoor flooring option.

Some Laminate Can’t Take as Much Punishment as Vinyl Plank Can

Don’t get us wrong—laminate flooring is super durable. But as laminate ages, its wear layer degrades, leaving it more vulnerable to scratching. That being said, both options are, as we mentioned before, incredibly strong. They can both go head-to-head with even the most durable wood flooring.

Of course, this isn’t as much of an issue if you’re debating between carpet or hardwood in the bedroom, for instance. But it’s definitely something to think about if you’re comparing tile vs. laminate for an often-used hallway, you know?


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