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Is SPC Vinyl Flooring Soundproof?

Floor sound insulation needs to solve the problem of impact noise. Impact sound is the structural sound produced when two objects collide. The vibration generated by this impact energy will resonate through the materials in the structure. For this reason, we installed high-quality floor sound insulation pads on the bottom of the SPC floor to short-circuit the impact noise, thereby preventing the sound from passing through the floor and causing the echo of the project. The Sound-absorbing SPC Floor series not only has good sound insulation but also provides a good foot feel.

For even further improved sound reduction and softness underfoot, Sensse Soundproofing SPC Floor uses materials that absorb shock, sound, and low resonance frequency to achieve the ideal sound insulation effect. Any of Sensse SPC products can be produced and provided according to your acoustic requirements.

Sensse Soundproof SPC Floor Specifications

1. As for the material, choose 1mm or 1.5mm EVA or IXPE film and glue them to the bottom of the SPC board with hot melt adhesive, which is environmentally friendly and not easy to fall off. EVA & IXPE are in high demand as acoustic soundproof materials in the market today because of their exceptional qualities and uses. If you don’t know whether to choose EVA or IXPE, you can take a look at the following comparison:

EVA Foam

Impact and vibration absorption

Acoustic and thermal insulation properties

Water-resistant attributes, buoyancy with low water absorption

High durable and sturdy even at extremely low temperatures

Withstand strong forces and without getting breaking

Recuperate and resilience even after long term use

Soft, comfortable and lightweight

Easy to work with, more cost-effective


Sound-absorption and excellent insulation effect

Impact resistance and can be restored after strongly pressing

With the highest grade mechanical properties

Excellent thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof

Non-toxic, odorless, chemical/oil/acid resistant

Weather/aging resistance, mildew change

Chemical corrosion resistance is the best of all foaming materials

Environmental protection, improve the comfort of flooring

2. A variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and veneers are available for Acoustic SPC Vinyl Floor. Any of our SPC flooring products can add sound insulation properties according to customer requirements. At the same time, it can provide customers with completely personalized and cost-effective OEM/ODM services, and attach your exclusive LOGO.

Whether in private residential areas or commercial places such as offices, floor sound insulation is always important. Soundproof SPC Floor Planks/Tiles are specially designed and produced to reduce noise, and effectively improve the room acoustics for you.


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