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Lite And Lighter. Beyond Vinyl.
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Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer Based In Vietnam/Mexico/China

Get Factory Price From 1 Container!!!

As an expert supplier, Protex offering high quality flooring solutions to enhance your business.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

Lower MOQ, More Flexibility.

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

Latest Lite Vinyl Flooring???

Meet lite Vinyl flooring, a magical new way to reduce the weight of vinyl flooring.

Over 20% lighter than normal Vinyl flooring.

Therefore, if we change the normal vinyl flooring to LITE vinyl flooring, DDP cost will be lowered about 5%-6%, which will be the additional profit of the buyer of LITE vinyl Flooring.

Save Time, Save Freight!!!

For example, the sea freight from Shanghai port to LAX port in US is $1500/20GP, and the drayage from LAX port is about $1,000/20GP. At least $5,500 can be saved!



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